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Rosin Screen Bags – Variety Pack (3″x6″)

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Please Call For Availability Rosin Screen Bags – Variety Pack (3″x6″)
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Rosin Screen Bags – Variety Pack (3″x6″)

Rosin Screen Bags – Variety Pack (3″x6″)
Rosin Press Bags – Nylon mesh filter bag – 10 pack of each micron size (40 bags total)

Product Description

Inside the pack:
25 micron – 10 screen bags
37 micron – 10 screen bags
90 micron – 10 screen bags
160 micron – 10 screen bags

Dimensions: 3 inches x 6 inches

  • 100% Nylon mesh
  • Dye-Free, Food-Grade
  • Durable, Washable, Reusable
  • Heat resistant (up to 430°F/220ºC)

Rosin Evolution bags are designed to withstand heat and pressure. Each bag will hold 30-40g and is turned inside out for maximum yield. For best results, aim for 1000-1500psi and limit each bag to 40g of material. The bags will not melt until about 430°F/220ºC, but we recommend 180-240ºF (82-115ºC).

The 25 and 37 micron bags are the best choice for dry sift, bubble or other fine material. These micron sizes also have a custom seam specially designed to contain fine particles and prevent blowouts. The 160 micron bag is perfect for flower. The 90 and 37 micron bags can be used for either flower or finer material.

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