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Rosin Pre-Press – Round (1.125″)

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Rosin Pre-Press – Round (1.125″)

Rosin Pre-Press – Round (1.125″)
Rosin Pre-Press – Round (1.125″)

Rosin PrePress – Stainless Steel Round – designed to fit material into our 2″ nylon screen bags.

Product Description

These round pre-presses are made of food grade stainless steel. They are the perfect tool for upright bag pressing (stand-up tech/bottle tech) and are sized to fit our 2″ screen bags. This mold is a simple yet effective method of quickly condensing your material for easy insertion into the bags before pressing. Just add your material into the compartment and press. You will get a perfectly sized cylinder to fit inside the bag. This tool will not only save you time but will help you achieve more uniform results.

Inside Diameter: 1.125″ (2 inches deep)

For best results, we recommend between 1-6g of material. Over-compressing the material will cause blowouts, so we recommend compression only by hand.

Recommended bag sizes:
2 inch bag opening x 3 inches or longer length

About the bags:
If you choose the bundle, the bags are 2 inches x 3 inches, inside-out stitching. Dye-Free, Food Grade rated to 430ºF (375º is maximum recommended).

Made in USA.

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