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16’ Geodesic Greenhouse 202 Square Feet

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16’ Geodesic Greenhouse 202 Square Feet

16’ Geodesic Greenhouse 202 Square Feet

  • Diameter – 16′
  • Height – approximately 9.5’
  • 202 square feet of floor space
  • Fresh produce for a family of 4-6 people
  • 2 windows
  • Shipment weight—approximately 210 lbs

    Product Description

    5 year warranty

    • Warranty covers every aspect of the greenhouse

    Strong Frame

    • Aircraft aluminum anodized poles
    • Patented hub design for easy set up/take down and increased durability
    • Fitted door
    • No tools required for set up. No nuts, bolts, washers, channel locks etc. One person can setup the frame in 1-2 hours

    Window Design

    • Windows provide climate control
    • Optional windows automatically vent to cool your greenhouse
    • Windows require approximately 10 minutes each for setup

    Harvest Right UV Protected Woven Plastic Greenhouse Cover

    • 5 year UV warranty
    • Woven rip stop fabric
    • Light diffused (88%)
      1. – Prevents shadowing for a more even distribution of light onto your crops
      2. – Increased photosynthesis for crop yield
      3. – Greater comfort inside greenhouse
      4. – Less evaporation and less water used for irrigation
    • IR – Infrared protection leads to less heat transfer meaning a more constant temperature throughout the day and night
    • AD – Anti-Drip (sometimes called AC anti-condensation) prevent condensation which can lead to mold and uneven light distribution
    • UVA – Ultraviolet protection prevents sun deterioration and ensures the cover material lasts at least 6 years
    • Anti-Dust protection helps repel dirt from the surface instead of creating static that attracts dirt and impairs light
    • Woven layer technology for strength and versatility
    • Tightly fitted to your dome

      Additional Information




      approximately 9.5’

      floor space

      202 square feet


      Approximately 175 lbs.

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