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Honey Bee Trim Tray Complete Kit

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Honey Bee Trim Tray Complete Kit

honey bee pollen trays trim trays

Honey Bee Trim Tray Complete Kit


With The Honey Bee Trim Tray you get two useful products in one. Works excellent as a ultra-light laptop trimming surface and pollen sifting collection device. The Honey Bee Trim Tray has the perfect design that gardeners have been looking for. A dual-use tool with a screen that will collect the pollen below while you trim your flowers on the tray's surface. Working upright can save you from the back pain associated with trimming in a poor posture. The way you trim will determine how much stress you put on your back. Trim upright with the Trimtray in your lap for best results. 

The Honey Bee Pollen Collection & Trimming Tray is two helpful products in one. Finally gardeners have a feather-light laptop trimming surface that will separate flower pollen while manicuring.

Our trays feature a comfortable nonslip base, 150 micron stainless steel screen and a pollen application brush.


Comfortable laptop trimming surface
Sift your pollen off manicured flowers
Feather-light comfortable compact design
16% more screen surface than competitors
Non-Slip Base to provide you extra maneuverability
7.125 square inches more of cutting surface than other brands
Replaceable screens available in 100/150/200 micron (sold separately)

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