MINT Wand 4' LED Bloom

MINT Wand 4' LED Bloom

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Product Code:MINT Wand 4' LED Bloom
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MINT Wand 4' LED Bloom

MINT Wand 4' LED Bloom

Every ruler should have a sceptre, and when you rule over your plants it only fits that you should have one too! We proudly introduce to you MINT LED’s new 4' LED Bloom Sceptre. Drawing just 59 Watts and made of lightweight aluminum, this fixture gives you the ability to deliver light where you see fit! Use this light for flowering in a tent, all out flowering, or even as a supplemental light in your flowing room. With a great bloom spectrum, the 28 diodes in this light combined with a unique high transmittance lens guarantee outstanding PPFD output and a proper light coverage. The fixture's UV and IR will help to promote resin growth and an all-around higher quality flower. Let MINT LED’s Sceptre be the ruler of your plant kingdom!

  • Width (in): 4.00
  • Height (in): 3.00
  • Length (in): 49.00
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