Piecemaker press inlay stamps

Piecemaker press inlay stamps

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Piecemaker press inlay stamps 

Piecemaker press inlay stamps

With the inlay stamps you can press different images into the material you are compressing. They are not included with the Piecemaker.

These Inays will only work with the Piecemaker press.


  • Unscrew the bottom of the press and put the pvc pieces (included) in the press and in the bottom.
  • Put your inlay stamp in the press (optional: stamp not included).
  • Fill the press with whatever you want to compress and screw the bottom onto the press.
  • Apply pressure seconds by turning the press. Wait for ten seconds. Repeat this.
  • If necessary, warm up the Piecemaker using a blow dryer.
  • Unscrew the bottom. Ready!


  • Lubricate thread once in a while
  • Clean cylinder after use (the cylinder might get stuck)
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