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Mila’s Famous Pollinator P3000

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Mila’s Famous Pollinator P3000



Mila’s Famous Pollinator P3000

Tumble your leaves and trim quickly and efficiently. No messy bags, water or ice. No more waste. 


  • Product Description

    This is the bigger version of the original dry sifting machine, invented winter 1992, released on the market in November 1994. This model is suitable for up to 3000 grams of dried plant material in one go.

    Easy and effortless extraction. Simply fill up the P3000 drum, set the timer, sit back and enjoy the ride.

    We recommend to seperate qualities periodically:
    – Remove the drum,
    – Sweep product into the drawer,
    – Collect product, replace drum and continue.

    Proudly manufactured in Amsterdam, this machine turns a large volume of leaf material into a comparably small volume of trichome extract.

    If your goal is a crude trichome extract, all you need to do is turn, collect and you are done.
    You can press your powdery product into blocks or use the powder as is.
    Additionally, if you aim to achieve medical-grade preparations, you can much more easlily process the P3000-product, as you already removed the majority of unnecessary plant matter.

    By default we equip every Pollinator® with a 150 mc screen drum. For other custom screen sizes, take a look at our Extra Drums, available for the models P150, P500 and P3000.


    Pro tip:
    The best Dry Sift results are obtained at low temperatures. Try to work in an air-conditioned environment or even a cold-room for top quality.
    Note: Beware of condensation water!

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