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Cones electric vibrating base

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The Cones® electric vibrating base

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Part Number:200-0051


The Cones® electric vibrating base
This is just the vibrating base and does not come with a filling device.

The Cones® electric vibrating base is for use with the Cones® pre roll filling devices. This is just the vibrating base and does not come with a filling device. This base when combined with a filling device is the easiest and most convenient way to fill mass quantities of pre rolled cones. Simply place your desired size cone filler on top of the base and let the vibrations from the base shake your contents into your cones! 

- Vibrating Base For Automatic Cone Filling System
- Uses Standard Electrical Outlet

Vibration Unit Is In Conformity With:

  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
  • 2006/95/EG Low Voltage Directive
  • EMC Directive 2004/108/EG 

    The Following Standards Have Been Applied:
  • NEN-EN-ISO 12100/1005-3/1005-4/60204-1

Vibrating Table Dimensions:

Outside Diameter: 8.67 Inches (220.22mm)
Inside Diameter: 7.91 Inches (200.91mm)
Height: 3.7 Inches (93.98mm)

Vibrating Base Features .25 Inch Rim So Filling Device Doesn't Fall Off During Vibration


The Vibrating Table is design and constructed so that it can be safely used and maintained. This applies to the application, the circumstances and instructions as described in this documentation. Reading this documentation and following instructions are thus necessary for everyone who is authorized to work with the Vibration Table. A distinction is made in this documentation between normal use (see operating instructions) and other work on the machine. The reason for this is that in the view of safety in particular, different requirements are placed on the service personnel than on the operators.
The activities mentioned under the operating instructions may be carried out by the operators.
Activities not described in the operating instructions, may only be performed by appropriately qualified personnel. 

General Safety Regulations
- Keep Workplace Clean
- Ensure Sufficient Lighting Conditions, Heating, Passage Ways Etc, So That The Operation Of The Vibration Table May Be Dine Optimally
- Only Use The Vibrating Table If It Has Been Set Up In Accordance With The Requirements In Paragraph 5.1 (See Manual)
- Only Move The Vibrating Table When It Has Been Switched Off
- Make Sure That Children, Unauthorized Persons And Animals Cannot Gain Access To The Vibrating Table
- Safety Devices May Not Be Removed Or Disabled
- Always Follow The Local Labour And Safety Legislation And Environmental Regulations


Operating Instructions
Please Read Safety Instructions Before Use
The machine may be operated by any adult person who is acquainted with the components, operating instructions and safety in the documentation.
The operator may not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances, which may affect the safe operation of the work required in the operation of the Vibration Table

The Operation Of The Vibration Table
During the operation of the Vibration Table, the follow procedure must be strictly adhered to, in order that personal safety is guaranteed.
1. Place a Cone in all holes of the Filling unit. In doing so, check as to whether the size of the cone is suitable for the filling unit used. The Filling units come in various sizes.
2. Check that all Cones have dropped just under the filling edge. If that does not the case, correct the Cones.
3. Prior to the Vibration Table being switched on, the following checks must be carried out:

  • Check that the Vibration Table is level on a stable base. Also See Paragraph 5.1 (See Manual)
  • Check that all legs are positioned in the feet supplied
  • Check that the plug is positioned in an earthed socket outlet with the correct voltage

4. Switch the Vibration Table on by means of the with on the plug
5. Now take a small amount of mixture and distribute it across the holes of the filling unit
6. Each time the mixture is distributed across the holes, the Filling unit is placed momentarily on the Vibration Table. This is to allow the mixture to drop properly into the Cones.
7. Regularly fill the Cones with the amount desired.
8. Dependent on the results desired, this cycle lasts between 1 to 3 minutes.
9. After having achieved the desired result, the Filling unit may be removed from the Vibration Table and the Vibration Table may be switched off.
10. The Cones may now be removed from the Filling Unit in the follow way:

  • Position the Filling Unit on the special separate attachment.
  • By means of now pressing the Filling Unit downwards in one swift motion, the Cones will come loose
  • The Cones have now all been released and may now be manually taken form the Filling Unit.
  • After all cones have been removed from the Filling Unit, it may be reused for a new batch

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