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Humboldt Cones 2g Palm/Tendu Wrap Filling Machine Starter Kit

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Humboldt Cones 2g Palm/Tendu Wrap Filling Machine Starter Kit
Product Code: 2g Palm/Tendu Wrap Filling Machine Starter Kit
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Humboldt Cones 2g Palm/Tendu Wrap Filling Machine Starter Kit

Humboldt Cones 2g Palm/Tendu Wrap Filling Machine Starter Kit




Our Starter Kit Comes with Everything You Need to Get Started


Fill up to 121 wraps in one session with this 2g Palm/Tendu Wrap Filling Machine Starter Kit. This starter kit fits 2 gram, 105mm palm/tendu wraps.


Choose how many you want to fill at a time:


  • • 55X (Fills up to 55 wraps in one session)
  • • 121X (Fills up to 121 wraps in one session)


Each cartridge comes with a riser that will allow easy removal of the wraps from the machine. Also included with each machine is a tamping tool that will aid in compressing your material during operation.


Our vibration table features an industrial quality electric motor that has been specially configured to efficiently and smoothly shake your material. Each motor is made from high quality stainless steel parts and is hand-configured and tested for quality control at our facility to ensure longevity and reliability.


The vibration table’s 8.75″ diameter rubberized surface reduces noise and prevents pre-mature wear. A 3/8″ tall barrier around the table’s surface prevents contents from falling off. Each vibration table comes with an extension cord with a power switch. Our stabilization mat will prevent the vibration table from bouncing around during operation on a hard surface.


This starter kit comes with one of each of the following:



How to use this Filling Machine Starter Kit:


  1. Place the stabilization mat on your work surface.
  2. Set the vibration table on top of the mat so that all of the table’s legs are within the fibrous area of the mat.
  3. Plug the vibration table into the switched extension cord, and plug the extension cord into a power outlet.
  4. Place the cartridge on the surface of the vibration table; set the riser and tamping tool aside for now.
  5. Fill the cartridge holes with your empty wraps.
  6. Turn the vibration table on using the switch on the extension cord and begin filling the the top of the cartridge with your material.
  7. Use the included tamping tool to pack your material during operation.
  8. Once your wraps are full, turn the vibration table off.
  9. Lift the cartridge, and place the riser underneath.
  10. Rotate the cartridge while lightly pressing it down over the top of the riser. The riser will eventually slide into the bottom of the cartridge, while simultaneously lifting the filled wraps.
  11. Remove each filled wrap from the machine to finish!


Our filling machines can be cleaned with hot water up to 130º F but will warp over time if used in a dishwasher.   We recommend using an isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and salt mixture, commonly used to remove plant resin and residue.  Please do not expose our machines to temperatures over 130º or leave outdoors in direct sunlight.

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