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King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine (Metal Version)

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King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine (Metal Version)
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metal version

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"Powder-coated stainless steel case"King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine

Works with 109mm 98mm and 84mm cone shaped cones. Retail Brands.


King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine (Metal Version)

King Kone Demo from Jana on Vimeo.


King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine (Metal Version)

Increase rolling production and produce high quality product with the KingKone Pre Roll Machine. Take your rolling to the next level and share in the experience of industrialized rolling.

Easy to load, quick to fill, and with a flip of a switch any rolling job is cut in half.

Cones Vibration Filling Machines are the ultimate solution for dispensary owners by allowing its users to fill up to 169 pre-rolled cones at once. Made from high-quality Powder-coated stainless steel built to last.

Main Features


Accomodates all cone sizes:

One of the great benefits of the King Kone pre-roll machine is that it is a modular machine that is capable of packing any size cone ie:70mm, 84mm, 98mm and 109mm cones


Affordable Cone Filling Machine

King Kone Pre-Roll Machine offers additional trays/components for low cost! (King Palm 1.5g, King Palm 2.0g, Blunt cones, Cigarette Tubes) additional trays and componets offered seperatly.

Reduces Produciton Time

King Kone Pre-Roll Machine reduces the duration of labor spent on filling pre-rolls. Purchasing additional trays can expedite the process even more; making production grow exponentially!


What comes with the King Kone?

  • Vibrating box with a control panel on the side.
  • Two overflow containers which catch any excess material which doesn’t make it into the cones.

  • A clear lid 

  • An 84-90mm tray and an additional extention tray to add a 109mm tray.

Product Details
UPC: 750253916916

Pre Roll Machine

New and Improved Durable Powder Coated Steel Body, Skirt and Sides.

King Kone cartridges will be made from 3D-printed material.


  • Modular Design with Changeable Parts.
  • Washable Easy to Clean Excess Collector Containers .
  • Locking Durable all Steel Skirt .
  • Fits 169 cones
  • Adjustable Control
  • American Made

Specifications :


  • 84mm, 98mm, and 109mm cones out of the Box.
  • *King Palm Packing Trays are Coming Soon

Pre Roll Cone Filling Machine King Kone cartridges will be made from 3D-printed material.

One Year

Can fill up to 169 pre-rolled cones per run.

Machine and 2 Standard Trays

110 volt ( US Plug )

12 in x 12 in x 15 in

9 in x 9 in x 13 in

King Kone Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine (Metal Version)





! WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Regan C. on 01/12/2021
1 reviews
Purchased this metal version and to me way more durable then the plastic. I recommend.

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