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Doob Cube & Drop Box

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Doob Cube & Drop Box
Product Code: Doob Cube & Drop Box Pre Roller
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Doob Cube & Drop Box Pre Roll Machine

doob cube mini color choices.

Doob Cube & Drop Box Pre Roller


doob cube mini color choices.

 Whether you need one pre-roll or thousands, the Doob Cube Pre-Roll System makes the most of your material in minutes:


Whether you need one pre-roll or thousands, the Doob Cube Pre-Roll Machine makes the most of your material. The Cube is the quickest, cleanest, and most durable cone loader on the market.


  • Fill cones 53mm to 110mm.
  • Variable capacity: 1 - 285 cones at a time.
  • Increase your output with additional Cone Plates.
  • Built-in motor ensures consistent weight and density.
  • Sifting screen removes all seeds, stems, and bulky material.
  • Small footprint, portable, and user-friendly.
  • Food safe; laboratory tested.
  • Handmade in America.
  • 3 Year Warranty.


System Includes: Doob Cube, Cone Plate, Squeegee, Tamp, and Brush.

Optional add on for your Doob Cube Machines  

1000 gram shredder


1000 gram Shredder - Grinder (Home Use - Personal)

**Shredder Ships Separatetly in 7-10 business days.** Select at drop down to add to cart.

Anthony Richardson on 12/07/2022
3 reviews
I bought one at MJBizCon and Tim trained my entire team the following week how to fill “the perfect pre-roll.” Indeed, compared with the consistency of our last machine, we are happy we made the switch to Doob Cube.
Chris Reuter on 09/07/2021
3 reviews
After working with other pre-roll machines for a few years we sought to try something new. Wish we would have found Doob Cube sooner, it's definitely worth the money.
Noland Tomasey on 01/05/2021
3 reviews
Worked like it should, fill her up and let the machine do the rest. Besides a quick tap and twist its pretty much a simple process. We bought the add on plate that made doubling are output that much easier. I would say it was a damn good purchase.

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