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Fill 'n Fold Press Tool

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Fill 'n Fold Press Tool
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Fill 'n Fold Press Tool


Fill 'n Fold Press Tool


Fills and folds your pre-rolls– one row at a time! The powerful vibrating platform of the Fill and Fold 1g Pre-Roll Press and Filling Tray Package allows all cannabis or other sifted material to easily settle into your cones. Then, using the included 1g handle tool, you can first tamp the material in your pre-rolls before alternating sides of the tool in order to fold in the paper at the top of the cone, before the last part of the tool compresses the folded paper into a secure top. The tool creates a flat-topped finish that, while not as complex as a “dutch crown" or "dutch fold," achieves a similar clean and compact aesthetic with only a fraction of the time and labor efforts as traditional methods. Wrap up your most seamless pre-roll production process ever by simply ejecting your finished pre-roll products into the provided bucket.

 Upgrade Package includes:


  • Size compatible tool used to crimp, fold, and tamp the Dutch Crown closure

No returns or refunds. Our lifetime warranty covers all parts in case of malfunction. Wear and tear not eligible for warranty. 

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