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Fill 'n Fold Pre-Roll Machine Single Tray w/Metering Tray

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Fill 'n Fold Pre-Roll Machine Single Tray w/Metering Tray
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Fill 'n Fold Pre-Roll Machine Single Tray w/Metering Tray

Preroll Press System creates 121 Dutch Crown Prerolls in under 10 minutes

Fill 'n Fold Single Tray Package



Fills and folds your pre-rolls– one row at a time! The powerful vibrating platform of the Fill and Fold 1g Pre-Roll Press and Filling Tray Package allows all cannabis or other sifted material to easily settle into your cones. Then, using the included 1g handle tool, you can first tamp the material in your pre-rolls before alternating sides of the tool in order to fold in the paper at the top of the cone, before the last part of the tool compresses the folded paper into a secure top. The tool creates a flat-topped finish that, while not as complex as a “dutch crown" or "dutch fold," achieves a similar clean and compact aesthetic with only a fraction of the time and labor efforts as traditional methods. Wrap up your most seamless pre-roll production process ever by simply ejecting your finished pre-roll products into the provided bucket.


Our patent pending Single Work Tray and Metering Press Package includes:


  • Single tray system with metering- Includes customer choice of 1 work tray, 1 metering tray, 1 press tool, 1 packing base, 1 bucket, 1 catch tray, 1 scraper, and 1 tube brush.

No returns or refunds. Our lifetime warranty covers all parts in case of malfunction. Wear and tear not eligible for warranty. 

questions and answers

  • . All parts are machined from plastic stock except for the shakers and addons, such as, catch buckets, catch bins, scrapers, tube brushes, and catch trays.
  • . The shaker/packers work with all four Press 121 sizes allowing multiple operators to share one shaker. They are made of laboratory quality parts and are powered by electric magnets. They are durable and warrantied for life.
  • . All materials used in the construction of Preroll Press machines are food grade.
  • . Preroll Presses are designed to be efficiently operated by a single person.
  • . Works with all industry standard papers. (Except for: Futurola papers and slims.)
  • . The Preroll Press can increase a single skilled operators output by as much as 400%.
  • . In comparison to other machines pricing.
  • . We believe that our Preroll Press machine is hands down the best commercial pre-roll production machine on the market in terms of price point, quality, and production.
  • . Allows for no touch closing with use of the press tool or press bar.
  • . For use in cannabis and hemp production businesses.
  • . Our Preroll Press machine packages, come equipped with everything needed to get started pressing joints.
  • . We also offer individual pieces for upgrades and customization of orders.
  • . Made by Preroll Press Inc. in the USA.


  • 1g/ 109mm Press 121/ 10”x10”x10”/ HDPE, ABS (virgin food grade plastic) 
  • .75g/ 98mm Press 121/ 10”x10”x9.5”/ HDPE, ABS (virgin food grade plastic) 

  • .5g/ 84mm Press 121/ 10”x10”x9”/ HDPE, ABS (virgin food grade plastic)

  • .35g/ 70mm Press 121/ 10”x10”x8.5”/ HDPE, ABS (virgin food grade plastic)

  • Press 121 and 100, press tools/bars are all 18”x5” / Acetal (virgin/food grade plastic)


    Universal shaker/ 10”x10"x6”/HDPE and ABS (virgin/food grade plastic)


    The shaker only works with the Press 121s as the shaker for the Press 100s is the Futurola or the Thumper.


    The press tool has three sets of tines for the three functions necessary to close and press pre-rolls:

  • A crimper tine
  • A tamper tine
  • An ejector tine


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