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Thousand per Hour 512 Cone Packing System

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TPH – 512 Cone Packing System


TPH 512 pre roll machine packer system


You will need 440 Stainless Steel ball bearings. No other kind will do.  Stainless steel is not normally reactive to magnetism but 440 stainless is.  While they are cheaper,  do NOT use normal steel bearings.  Steel bearings are shipped covered in a light coat of machine oil which is not an acceptable situation. You could wash off the machine oil but that will set up a light corrosion in the pits of the steel. Again, not acceptable.  
Consult the following to determine the appropriate sized bearings for your operations:
Paper Bearing Size:
  • 98 CNZ/84R    3/8  
  • 84F   11/32 
  • 109 RS    9/32 
  • 84 CNZ   11/32 
  • 98J    3/8  
  • 109 R/CNZ/F   13/32 
  • 70 CNZ    9/32 
  • Higgs    9/32 
  • 98 R   13/32 
  • 98F    3/8  
  • 140 CNZ --
  • 98x30 F    9/32 
  • 98 x 30 K    9/32 

    They will be cheaper by the hundred so that will mean 600 for the 512 and 200 for the 128. This gives you some spares which might come in handy as these things will bounce darn near like a super ball. 

You can source your bearings from any number of places but I would recommend actually talking to someone on the phone rather than trying to navigate a website. Most bearing websites do not list the balls themselves and it will be faster to talk to someone and telling them what you want than to spend time flailing around trying to navigate a website.
2: There are many places you can order magnets online so where you get one is up to you. You will want to get one at least 4” long with a minimum 20# pull.


1. Once you have all your feedstock shaken down and with the funnel still in place;
2. Gently roll the ball bearings out across the plate dropping at least one bearing per hole (careful,  they bounce).
3. Cover all of the holes w/ the plate and turn your shaker motor back on. 
4. The ball bearings will sink down packing the crutch.  Be careful not to ‘overpack’.
5. When you are all done, pass the magnet over the holes.
6. Bearings jump out of the holes onto the magnetic wand and you have perfectly packed pre rolled joints.

It also can assist in packing ‘fluffy’ feedstock; where you know you have the weights correct on the plate, but it isn’t all going down the hole. Scrape the remaining feedstock aside or remove it from the plate all together. Roll the bearings out and let them shake down.  Remove the bearings with the magnet. Spread the remaining feedstock out on the plate and shake it down the hole. Roll out the bearings for the final pack and you are done.  

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