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TPH 512 Extension Package 3-xx

TPH 512 Extension Package 3-xx
Product Code: TPH 512 Extension Package 3-xx
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TPH 512 Extension Package 3-xx

Please note.  The extension package is designed to complement, not replace original machinery.

  In an effort to make sure a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained by our customers, extension packages will only be sold to owners of original, complete machines.

TPH 512 Extension Package 3-xx


TPH 512 Cone Filling Extension Package 3-xx is for shops who have delivery requirements in excess of 3-5,000 pre-rolls/day.  The TPH 512 extension package includes a standby,  secondary cradle to hold your plate & basket while you fill the plate w/ empty cones.  In working with some of our larger industrial customers,  we realized you really don’t need a secondary cradle every time you wish to expand your production capabilities.  The TPH 512 Ext Package 3-xx comes with a basket and a single extension plate cut to the paper of your choice.  This allows you to safely handle empty or full blunt plates without risk of damage to your pre-rolls.  It helps keep costs down and keeps you from buying unescessary hardware to support your production line.

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