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EZ PRESS rosin press comes with stand, press, micron tubes, heat plates, air compressor, all fittings, and digital thermometer.

EZTRIM’s EZ PRESS is the world’s best rosin press. The EZ PRESS uses heat and pressure for extraction and enables up to 60% yields. You can press your flowers and trim. No need for butane, co2, purging or heavy equipment that is dangerous to use.

The EZ PRESS comes with everything needed to start pressing rosin today. Including: stand, press, micron tubes, heat plates, air compressor, all fittings, and digital thermometer. 

How it works:

1. Plug extension cord into any 115V outlet.
2. Turn on air compressor and let the tank fill.
3. Release the plates by turning the knob (CCW) on the press. Retighten afterwards (CW).
4. Next, turn on the heating plates. The optimal temperature is 275 F. (The heat range is from 100 -300 degrees Fahrenheit or 135-149 degrees Celsius).
5. While heat plates are heating up load the micron tube with product. Do not over fill the micron tube and allow room for expansion. If the micron tube is overfilled it will blow out.
6. Shake product into the middle of the micron tube and fold both ends under the tube.
7. Place micron tube in between folded parchment paper. Place parchment paper in the center of heating plate.
8. Press the compressor switch to compress the plates. Leave plates together for 10-20 seconds depending on the type of product and temperature.
9. Turn the press knob (CCW) to release plates.
10. Remove parchment paper and place on a clean surface. Peal apart and allow Rosin to cool down before scraping off. You can also place Rosin in the freeze and scrap it off frozen.

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