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Rosin Plate Starter Kit 4"x3"

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Rosin Plate Starter Kit 4"x3"
Brand: Best Value Vacs/Closed Loop/Rotary
Product Code: Rosin Plate Starter Kit 4"x3"
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Rosin Plate Starter Kit 4"x3"

Rosin Plate Starter Kit 4"x3"

We designed the Complete Pressing Starter Kit with the new producer in mind. Bundled with our most impressive Rosin Press yet, this Kit provides you with all of the accessories you need to get up and running at a discounted rate. Featuring nearly $200 in tools and accessories, start your operation right with the Complete Pressing Starter Kit.

This Kit Includes the Following:

  • Rosin Plate Kit 4"x3"
  • Dry Ice Mini Shaker
  • 11x16 Silicone Lab Mat
  • Stainless Steel Collection Spatula
  • 25 Micron Large Rosin Filter Bags (10 Pack)
  • 4x4 Precut PTFE Storage Sheets (100 pack)
  • 10x10 Precut PTFE-Coated Parchment (250 pack)

Rosin, solventless oil, is made by putting plant material under heat and pressure. At Best Value Vacs, we've mastered the art of Rosin and our presses are the best in the industry. Our Rosin Presses use precision, feedback-control heating and plates are designed for ideal heat transfer to your medium. After manufacturing and testing of each unit to the highest quality control standards, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and 90-day warranty so you can press with confidence!

Attach the plates to your own shop press using the hardware provided and convert your shop press into a commercial-grade rosin press! Custom rosin platens are essential for both the commercial producer and serious enthusiast alike. There's simply no better alternative- attach these high-quality, stainless-steel heating plates to a press to give yourself complete control over every element and variable in your process. We use dual heating rods, SS316, and the latest in thermodynamics technology to ensure a stable and uniform temperature across the entire plate's surface.


Item Value
Dimensions 3" x 4" x 1"h (plates)
2.75"OD x 2.25"ID x 1"h (mounting collar)
6" x 5" x 3.25" (controller)
Electrical Requirements 120 V / 60 Hz / 4a
Heating Power 400W, 200W per plate
Temperature Range Ambient - 300F (150C)
Plate Material SS316
Fits Mandrel Size 0.78" - 2.25" (20mm - 57mm)
Maximum Force 30 Tons (27,000 kg)
Heater Cable Length 1m (3.28 ft)
Requirements Shop Press Not Included
Included Heating Plates, Controller, Power Cable, Mounting Screws, Allen Key, User Manual
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