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The Triminator Maker

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The Triminator Maker
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The Triminator Maker


Industry-leading hash making equipment for higher yields and automatic operation with pure, potent results.

Customize your wash with speed, direction, run time, and rest time and save your settings for hash washing at the touch of a button.

The Triminator Maker

All-in-one Hash Making Equipment

The Triminator Maker™ combines intelligent design with commercial-scale production capacity to deliver high yields of potent bubble hash. The Maker™ comes fully equipped and ready to run out of the box with no additional parts required for operation. The no-shear impeller imitates hand washing by creating an effective yet gentle vortex for easy trichome separation. The Triminator Maker™ is the only hash washer to offer an all-inclusive design at an affordable price.

  • All-in-one system (no additional parts needed)
  • GMP-ready with stainless steel construction
  • Automatic wash cycles with customizable and savable settings
  • No-shear impeller for easy trichome separation
  • Ultra-cool temperatures with thick insulated sleeve
  • Large built-in thermometer for temperature tracking
  • Tilt system for easy cleaning
  • Small footprint with built-in step stool and stand for easy access


The appropriate micron size bubble bags depend on your desired final product and the level of purity you’re looking for. Lower micron bags (25-73 microns) capture the highest quality and purest trichomes, while higher micron bags (90-220 microns) capture more material in the first bags.

What are the features of Triminator’s hash making equipment?
The Maker™ hash washer comes standard with an all-in-one system with automatic washing, custom cycles, and a water transfer pump for easy operation. Complete multiple washes in one day while maintaining ultra-cool temperatures with the insulation sleeve. The no-shear impeller ensures an effective yet gentle vortex for easy trichome separation. Triminator’s hash making equipment also features an integrated tilt system and quick clamp sanitary fittings for easy cleaning in order to maintain optimal performance and purity in the products.

Can I reuse bubble bags for multiple ice water hash extractions?
Yes, you can reuse bubble bags for multiple extractions. Similar to your hash making equipment, after each use, clean the bags thoroughly to remove any plant material or residue. Proper cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your bubble bags and ensure that subsequent extractions yield high-quality hash.

Dimensions 40 × 62 × 68 in

Standard (20 GAL), XL (60 GAL)


304 Stainless Steel


¼ HP | IP67 Washdown rating

AC Voltage

120 V


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