NatureVAC Commercial Vacuum Sealer

NatureVAC Commercial Vacuum Sealer

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The NatureVAC Commercial Vacuum Sealer is full of features and benefits that will assist you with your increased vacuum and storage needs. Commercial construction, user-friendly controls, and fully automatic operation are a few of the features which make this a great item to use. The Commercial vacuum sealer also features: 

•Accepts up to 11" vacuum bags •Dual pump
•High pressure vacuum
•2-3 second seal time 
•Adjustable seal time 
•Instant seal function 
•Pulse vacuum function
•Fan cooled for use all day
•Special wide seal wire enables quality sealing 
•Marinates in minutes instead of hours
•Preserves and enhances flavor
•Vacuum process tenderizes meats
•BPA Free plastic
•Stain resistant
•Works with NatureVAC rolls and Pre-Cut bags
•Fully Automatic Operation
•Touch Button Controls
•Removable Drip Tray
•Airtight and odor-proof storage solution

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