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Pure Pressure, manufacturers of top quality rosin presses, rosin bag made in Denver, Colorado.

Pure Pressure - Best Rosin Press 2017

PurePressure have a few simple rules that form the backbone of our company: Quality, Safety, and Efficiency. All of our presses are designed to last and made right here in Denver, Colorado. We are proud of the cutting edge technology used to make our presses and believe you'll clearly see the difference between our equipment and what our competitors sell.

The Pikes Peak Rosin Press was designed with adjustability in mind. Our mission is to enable the user to have full control over the parameters of the equipment. Our press can be operated in the horizontal and vertical orientation. Operators have full control over the temperature of each heat plate, the speed of the press, and the press time all with digital readouts of temperature and pressure.

As everyone knows, pressure is king in rosin extraction. We have spent countless hours pressing dozens of varieties of raw materials and measuring yield versus pressure.  The Pikes Peak Press utilizes a 5 ton (10,000 lb) pneumatic cylinder.  Our pneumatic cylinder requires no oiling or maintenance and through its’ unique design is able to achieve these high forces with only 120 psi air. A comparable standard air cylinder would be over 10” in diameter!

Size does matter! At the end of the day, the most important number is the actual pressure that the material experiences. Take a tea bag that is 2” x 9” and the force from the pneumatic cylinder of 10,000 lbs and distribute that force over the area of the bag to calculate the pressure that the material experiences (555 psi). So a tea bag that is 2” x 3” under the same force would contain material that experiences 1,667 psi.  Our extensive testing has shown that anything over 500 psi of material pressure does not increase yield. We have designed our product to provide enough pressure for high yielding extraction, maximizing the value to the user.


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