Frenchy Full Mesh- 5 Gallon 3 Bag Set

Frenchy Full Mesh- 5 Gallon 3 Bag Set

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Product Code:5 Gallon 3 Bag Set
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Frenchy Full Mesh- 5 Gallon 3 Bag Set


Absolute best bags available!

Sewn with extra reinforced double stitching and military grade nylon thread.

The sieving screens are swiss grade quality, pressure rated and measured to the absolute microns, and heat stamped to assure micron accuracy and to prevent pore-size fluctuation.

These bags are the best we make and will let you make the best product.

  • 190 micron bag (green)
  • 160 micron bag (red)
  • 45 micron bag (white)
  • 1″ x 1″ pressing filter (25 micron)
  • Scraping card


These bags have been custom designed with my input to maximize the ice water
sieving process by adapting traditional dry sieving basic principles to a water

Based on my experience with traditional dry sieving processes, I had the team at
BoIdt Bags make my bags in full mesh meaning there is a much larger sieving
surface for the water to flow through. This structure also reduces pressure on the
bottom of the bags meaning the bag will last longer. These bags are very
lightweight and flexible which is a huge plus when you are working with bags full
of water all day long. The fact that all my bags are white and full mesh allows me
to visually ensure an optimum cleanliness, and since the Swiss grade materials
they are made from can be soaked in alcohol I feel very confident about the
sanitary standards of my work materials.
I use the bags in the following way:

190 microns as a catch bag

160 microns is used to collect the larger trichomes

45 microns bag is my main collecting bag

25 microns bags for edible grade resin processing

220 microns as a catch bag when working with outdoor material; the size
of trichomes is generally bigger with outdoors so my 190 microns bag has
the potential of offering high quality edible grade resin

73 microns rarely lately mainly because I have more CBD in my 45 to 160
full spectrum resin than in my 73 to 160

73 microns bag solely when I focus on making full melt or when I need to
maximize quality from average material
I believe that these bags are the perfect tool and will support you in your quest

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