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Payload Bags - 32 Gallon 9 Bag Kit

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Product Code: 32 Gallon Nine Bag Kit
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Payload Bags - 32 Gallon 9 Bag Kit (Water Hash Bags)

Payload Bags - 32 Gallon 9 Bag Kit (Water Hash Bags)

Payload Bags™ is dedicated to providing the industries highest quality multi-use filtration kits. Putting our customers needs first fuels Payload Bags™ on its path to becoming the industries #1 chosen multi-use filtration kit.

Payload filtration kits allow you to safely and efficiently separate the valuable resins that plants naturally secrete, without the use of any chemicals.

Separation Bags feature:

  • 32 Gallon 9 Bag Kit by Payload Bags
  • Drawstring for a tight fit
  • Industrial waterproof 
  • Strongest filter on the market, guaranteed pore size
  • Surge seamed thread for strength
  • Includes large sturdy filters for increased water flow when draining
  • All bags are color coded, numbered and labeled
  • High quality drying screen provided

32 Gallon 9 Bag Kit includes:

  • 220 µ Micron
  • 190 µ Micron
  • 160 µ Micron
  • 120 µ Micron
  • 100 µ Micron
  • 73 µ Micron
  • 90 µ Micron
  • 45 µ Micron
  • 25 µ Micron
  • One - 24"×6" Inch Drying Screen
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