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Highten Sifter
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The Highten consumer model is a countertop in-home version that can dry sift ready-to-consume kief, in just 30sec (up to 1.5lbs/hr). 

Why use Highten Sifter

Highten Sifter



The first motorized dry sifter designed for the home, Highten can extract kief in just 30 seconds—ready to mix and consume in a million ways. Patented shake-and-vibrate technology lets you independently manipulate THC and terpene ratios to shape how you want to feel. Clean, 100% solventless with zero chemicals. Easy to use, maintain and clean.
  • 15” x 9” x 6” and 19lbs (like a kitchen appliance)
  • Premium steel housing construction with stainless steel sifting trays
  • Designed for sifting cannabis, hemp and various kitchen dry ingredients (like coffee grounds and hops)
  • Capacity: up to 2 ounces per cycle (~1.5lbs/hour; strain dependent)
  • Yield: between 25-30% with 250 micron screen and 60 seconds cycle time
  • Digital interface: easy on/off power and adjustable cycle timer
  • Accessories: sifting catch pan, tray screen replacements in various sizes for course and fine sifts, brush/spatula combo, stainless steel agitator coins
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