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The Highten consumer model is a countertop in-home version that can dry sift ready-to-consume kief, in just 30sec (up to 1.5lbs/hr). 

Why use Highten Sifter

Highten Sifter



The Highten Dry Sifter is the first motorized dry sifter designed for home use.

The first motorized dry sifter designed for the home, Highten can extract pollen in just 30 seconds - ready to mix and consume in a million ways. Patented shake-and-vibrate technology lets you independently manipulate terpene ratios to shape how you want to feel. Clean, 100% solventless with zero chemicals. Easy to use, maintain and clean. Today’s connoisseurs are ready for a transformative experience—one that’s crafted and creative, personal and memorable. Highten separates pollen in seconds, ready to mix in a million ways.

Why Choose the Highten Dry Sifter?

Custom smoking, dabbing and culinary experiences.

Make your bud last longer and do more with it.

Ready to consume, meltable dry sift in 30 seconds.

Dry sifting means no chemicals, easy to use, clean and maintain.

Highten Dry Sifter Specs:

  • Premium steel housing construction with stainless steel sifting trays
  • Designed for sifting flower, hemp and various kitchen dry ingredients (like coffee grounds and hops)
  • Capacity: Up to 2 ounces per cycle (~1.5lbs/hour; strain dependent)
  • Yield: Between 25-30% with 250 micron screen and 60 seconds cycle time
  • Digital Interface: Easy On/Off Power and adjustable cycle timer
  • 15" x 9" x 6" and 19 lbs. (like a kitchen appliance)
  • Included Items: Highten Dry Sifter, 250 Micron Sifter Screen, Catch Pan, Catch Pan Lid, Food Grade Stainless Steel Agitator Coins, Combo Brush/Spatula, and Power Cord
  • Accessories*: 150, 125, 95, 70 Micron Dry Sift Trays

* Accessories Sold Separately

How to use the Highten Dry Sifter

First place your flower in the Highten Sifter, then add Food Grade Stainless Steel Agitator Coins into the sifter and close the lid and watch it separate pollen in only 30 seconds. The patented shake-and-vibrate tech means no solvents, CO2, water or dry ice, for simple use and easy cleaning. The stainless steel screens last longer, cost less and are easier to replace than tumbling sifters.

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