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Great Deal. Please Call For Availability ORIGINAL FLIPBOX® by POWERBOX The OG
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With an ORIGINAL FLIPBOX® by POWERBOX®, you can run two lights with one ballast and double your production.

    The OG FLIPBOX® is an individual light switching module that allows an individual ballast to run two separate lights - one at a time - by switching back and forth between each light, at a user-specified interval.

    Designed and manufactured in California from the best industrial-grade components, an OG FLIPBOX®will instantly bring more productivity to your setup and will provide trouble-free operation.

    DOUBLE PRODUCTION of your current setup by completing two 12-hour cycles in each 24-hour day. Run twice the number of lights from each ballast and double your output - all without the expense of bringing in additional power circuits to run more ballasts!

    SAVE MONEY ON EQUIPMENT. Since a FLIPBOX®allows your ballasts to run double the number of lights, you only need to purchase half the number of ballasts! Compared to the price of new digital ballasts, aFLIPBOX® is up to 70% less expensive.

    INCREASE YIELD. By using two lights for each ballast in a single area, and switching back and forth between the lights in a checkerboard pattern, the area gets more even coverage and there are no hot spots. Lights can also be closer to the canopy.

    MAXIMIZE AVAILABLE POWER By running two 12-hour cycles in one day, you are truly maximizing the power you have available to you. You can run double the lights, without having to pay the expense of bringing in new power circuits.



  • Industrial-grade Siemens relays with a dedicated 40A 2-pole relay per ballast.
  • Voltage independent - works with any voltage ballast.
  • 120V trigger cord to control switching cycles.
  • Works with magnetic and digital ballasts.
  • Heavy-duty cords and receptacles with 14 AWG wire.
  • Sunlight-Supply style plugs & receptacles.
  • Durable powder coated steel enclosure.
  • Keyhole tabs for easy mounting.
  • Non-skid rubber feet for placing on flat surfaces.
  • Link up to 20 individual Flipboxes together and control with one timer.
  • Requires external timer - sold separately.
  • Designed and manufactured in California.
  • Five-year warranty - Legendary Powerbox® quality.
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