POWERBOX Lighting Controllers and Timers set the standard in the industry with the highest quality, safety and best reliability.

At Powerbox®, we are your #1 source for cost-effective solutions that allow you to safely and easily install 240-volt power for running high-wattage lights.

    Whether you are running one light, or 100 lights, be safe! H.I.D. lights consume tons of power, so building the proper electrical foundation is essential. By choosing a Powerbox® lighting controller, you eliminate many of the risks associated with running your operation.

    Compared to all other options, Powerbox® provides the best in safety, ease-of-use, speed-of-deployment, and cost-savings.    

    Designed and built in California, every Powerbox® is carefully assembled and rigorously tested before leaving our factory, ensuring a product that is defect-free.

    Thousands of installations around the world choose Powerbox® to keep their lights running reliably and at peak efficiency.

    Hand-made in California by our skilled craftsmen, each and every Powerbox® is an individual work of art, built-to-order just for you! Made from the best components, Powerbox® units are ETL Listed and UL Approved. So, when you are going to do it right, Powerbox® is your only choice!   

    Installing the proper electrical system is the most important factor when setting up your infrastructure. Cutting corners can lead to disastrous consequences.

    Avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes! By choosing a Powerbox® lighting controller, you will reduce the possibility of fire, electrocution, and other electrical hazards that can be caused by faulty electrical components and installations.

    When you want the peace-of-mind and the comfort of knowing you are protected 24/7, choose Powerbox® for your installation!


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