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Pikes Peek Rosin Press Starter Kit

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Pikes Peek Rosin Press Starter Kit
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Pikes Peek Rosin Press Starter Kit

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Complete Rosin Press Starter Kit
Complete Rosin Press Starter Kit

We wanted to make the rosin extraction process as easy and streamlined as possible which is why we bundled every item you need to get started into our Complete Rosin Press Starter Kit. Save over $300+.

Making Rosin can have a lot of steps to it. We wanted to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible that is why we bundle these items together to give you a complete kit to maximize your ROI, Quality, and Yield!

Each of the items listed below have been hand selected to make sure you are making only the best rosin possible.

Kit Options

1x - Pikes Peak Rosin Press featuring 10" x 3" plates the with Dual Pressure Control ($5,995 value)

 1x - Complete Rosin Bag Starter Kit 50 Pack (2.5" x 9" or 2" x 9") Also Includes our Quick Flip Tool ($460 or $565 value)

 1x - 2.5" x 9" or 2" x 9" Pre-Press Rosin Mold ($295 or $369 value)

 1x - XXL Tool by Skilletools ($50 value)

 1x - Silicone Table Mat by OilSlick ($110 value)

 1x - Budder Cutter by Dr.Dabber ($49.95 value)

750x - Pre-Cut 35LB 12" x 20" Parchment Paper which fits the Pikes Peak rosin press perfectly! ($345 value)

Note: Air compressor not included

International Customers: price does not include duty or import fees, and additional shipping charges are likely

The Pikes Peak Press was engineered to provide years and years of reliability while giving you the highest quality press on the market. You, the user, has complete control over heat plate temperatures, press time, operating pressure (digital readout), and actuating speed. Each press is available either with 10" x 2" or 10" x 3" heat plates, and with either Single or Dual Pressure. Learn more about Dual Pressure here.

Our pneumatic cylinder requires no oiling or maintenance and through its unique design is able to achieve nearly 5 tons of force with only 120 psi air. These extremely high forces ensure that all of your rosin is extracted efficiently. All PurePressure products are manufactured in the USA and we guarantee unrivaled quality from all of our handmade presses and rosin bags.

Air Compressor NOT Included!

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