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NugSmasher IQ Rosin Press

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NugSmasher IQ Rosin Press
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NugSmasher Mini Rosin Press

NugSmasher IQ Rosin Press

  • 6873 available plate pressure CNC (computer numerical controlled) 
  • Machine takes 110v or 220v wall power No air compressor necessary
  • Fully controlled by 10 inch touch screen Start stop up down push control 
  • CNC controlled plates – enter your recipe with ease and get consistent results every time
  • Extracts up to two 14 Gram bags material with precision everytime 
  • 4” x 6” Smash Plates with 2 heaters in each plate (4 Total) for consistent temperature control
  • Built in high quality LED lights that can be turned on and off via touch screen
  • Interactive Extraction Brain with integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity for future updates
  • Decarb mode automatically activates your concentrates with the push of a button.
  • Ramp mode allows you to set a range of temperature, pressure and time to achieve amazing results with isolates and advanced extractions
  • Simple Quick start settings 
  • All 304 Stainless Steel food grade Skins  
  • Utilizes 3.5, 7, X and 14 gram extraction bags interchangeably
  • 10 Inch Capacitive Touch TFT LCD Display
  • 4 Heating Elements (160W ea)
  • Built-in switch operated fan to assist in cool down between plates
  • Circuit Protection switch breakers
  • Proudly made in America
  • Backed and guaranteed with our True* Lifetime Warranty
  • Accurate Temperature Control displays on both top and bottom which can be independently adjusted
  • Extraction Timer with auto start when target PSI has been reached
  • Surface Area Extraction Calculator preset(s)
  • Accurate Pressure readout for hydraulic fluid PSI
  • Pressure readout available TOTAL PSI
  • Pressure readout actual surface area PSI does the math for you based on the amount you want to extract for the perfect concentrates
  • Fully adjustable settings tailored to your extraction style
  • Quick start settings loaded as seen
  • 6′ Power cable



NugSmasher® IQ Starter Essentials Master
Savings $2370.25
NugSmasher® IQ 1 1 1
Extraction Bags-3.5 Gram 4 4 8
Extraction Bags-7 Gram 2 4 8
NugSmasher®'s Everything Tool 1 1 1
NugSmasher® Magnet 2 2 2
NugSmasher® Keychain Bottle Opener 1 1  
Rosin Pot Small 1 1 1
Rosin Press Collection Plate 1   1
Rosin Pot XL   2 2
Mini Decarboxylation Capsule   1 1
Decarboxylation Capsule   1 1
Rosin Collection Plate Large 12x14   1 1
NugPacker Cone Filler Packer Pro KIT   1  
Pre Press Mold   1  
Extraction Bags-14 Gram     4
6"x6" 4 Pack of Squares Premium Fine 25,15 or 5 MICRON Food Grade Nylon Mono-filament Woven Filter Mesh     3
12"x12" Square Premium Fine 25,15 or 5 MICRON Food Grade Nylon Mono-filament Woven Filter Mesh     3
Tool Keeper 2.0     1
Banger Storage 10mm (male)     1
Banger Storage 14mm (male)     1
Tool Keeper Swab Holder     1
Tool Keeper Double Swab Holder     1
Banger Reclaim Catch tool     1
NugPacker Cone Filler KIT     1
Cannagar 2.0     1
Pre Press Mold Pro 3.5g     1
Pre Press Mold Pro 7g     1
Pre Press Mold Pro 14g     1
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