NugSmasher presses are available in 3 different versions. The standard system is a manually operated 12 Ton Rosin Press featuring a 3.5" x 4" pressing area while the Pro version is a 20 Ton Pneumatic (or manually) operated Rosin Press boasting a huge 7" x 10" pressing area. Our newest Mini version is great for travel and offers a 2.5" round pressing area. All versions are constructed with solid steel and T6 6061 aluminum and are fabricated and assembled from start to finish in-house facility in Corona, CA. We back each NugSmasher with an unmatched warranty on every component of the system.

THE NUGSMASHER All versions are constructed with solid steel aluminum assembled in-house facility in Corona, CA.



Pro VersionPro Version

  • Extra Large 7" x 10" Plates
  • 6 x 160W Heaters
  • Dual Controllers
  • Press up to 112g per press


Standard VersionStandard Version

  • Large 3.75" x 4" Plates
  • 2 x 160W Heaters
  • Small Footprint
  • Press up to 14g per press


Mini VersionMini Version

  • 2.5" Round Plates
  • 2 x 70W Heaters
  • Lightweight for Travel
  • Press up to 3.5g per press


The NugSmasher family of presses are purpose built presses exclusively for extracting Rosin. Our smaller systems are very straight forward extractors well suited for the average home user and feature dual heated plates, a comfortable pump arm, and an easy to grip quick release valve. The Pro version can handle anything from home user needs to full production house needs and includes additional features such as having a built-in plate pressure gauge or our custom alignment racks to name a few.


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